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EWi Bau Solutions

Erich Wimmer
Executive Partner

Education:   FH Campus Vienna - Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Construction coordinator, blasting authority -                     HTBLuVA Vienna III


Experience:   over 20 years in the construction industry at internationally, both on contractor side and client side

Consultant of integrity, solid partner, who creates trust. 


His experience is your lead - read here, why!

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His knowledge builds on the experiences he gained - starting with summer internships - on site in Vienna, as technician and site supervisor for building construction projects in Vienna, as project manager for civil engineering projects throughout Austria, as project and development manager for infrastructure projects in Uganda, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and Russia. The focus is on hydropower and nuclear power plants, waste to energy and long and challenging bridges.
In addition, Erich Wimmer has developed a passion for projects in the premier class of construction projects, infrastructure and environmental technology PPP projects, where planning, construction, operation, maintenance and financing constitute a holistic approach. The experience as client representative from the construction management in the areas of infrastructure, construction and industrial construction, health care, automotive and PPP projects, as well as the preparation of cost estimates and calculations as a basis for project financing in Germany and abroad.


You can get in touch with EWi directly, for being provided with references of your interest!

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